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Remember Who You Are

What if you could:
... peel back the layers of sorrow, guilt, & shame associated with the trauma you’ve endured, to reveal the Truth & Essence of who you really are? 
... improve your self-esteem & self-confidence, so that you can live a life that is
Bold & Free?
... fully reclaim your identity & take your power back?
... chart a path to thriving financially - while following your passions?
... honor your past & write a new story?

Your Precious Bounty

The Treasures you will find in this Shero's Journey:

  • Peel back layers of guilt & shame that are associated with the trauma you’ve endured.

  • Peel back layers of harmful conditioning from family, society, & toxic relationships.

  • Heal yourself from your traumatic past, on all levels of your being.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs.

  • Break free from cycles of abuse.

  • Work to stop perpetuating cycles of generational trauma.

  • Release anything that’s no longer serving you.

  • Fully rediscover your identity, & reclaim your power.

  • Improve your self-esteem & self-confidence, so that you can live a life that is Bold & Free.

  • Chart a path to thriving financially while following your passions.

  • Grow through a Shift that brings you more Peace in the present.

  • Explore what you really want out of life. Why Are You Here?

  • Chart your unique Path, in service to your Purpose.

  • Give birth to a more expansive & fulfilling manifestation of your future.

  • Create a life that is truly a moving, embodied, in-progress work of art.

  • Establish a solid, everlasting foundation of unconditional self-love for yourself. 

  • Gain valuable tools of self-inquiry, self-healing, self-expression, self-empowerment, & self-liberation - rooted in meditation, mindfulness, group transformational coaching, shamanic journeying, sound healing, art, writing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Somatic Awareness, Sacred Circle, Ritual, & Ceremony.

  • Remember the Truth & Power of Who You Are.

  • Acknowledge the Story you've been telling, Honor it, Release what's no longer serving you, & Write a New Story.

  • Embrace the power of journeying & transforming in community.



Bonus 1
1.5 hour private session with me, online or in-person. 
Discounted rate on additional privates during the Immersion. Coupon codes will be shared with participants.
Bonus 2
Moon Circles - complimentary admission whenever there is a New Moon or Full Moon Circle. This is a fertile place for you to do your work of this Immersion - Polish Your Shine. Read more on my main site. You are highly encouraged to attend.
... blessings are flowing in abundance..
Bonus 3
Soundbath Meditation: Thursdays 7 pm ET - Meditation & Music Medicine.
Receive a code for in-person comps. I will livestream upon request.
+ Access my meditation library of past classes & original audiovisual meditations.
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